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本公司主要透過網拍銷售汽車零配件之改裝部品,以ABS塑料製品為主,從開發>製造>加工>品管>客服>包裝>出貨 之流程皆在廠內完成,同時也提供國外/國內 零售及批發業務,有完整的客戶服務系統和良好品質控管機制。

About DUSA :
Founded in 01/07/2014, our factory is located in Taiwan, specialised in design、develop and manufacture auto parts.

We sale auto parts on internet auction, from Develop > Manufacture > Process > Quality Control > Customer Service > Packing > Delivery, all workflows are completed inside factory, mainly on ABS product.

Besides, we also offer retail/wholesale to domestic and overseas, have an integrated customer service system and well and high quality control.

Our company holds the spirit of 『Integrity . Service . Quality . Innovation』, pursue sustainable management and grow up continuously ; Except that run wholly steadily, the profit-making state is promoted year by year too. We are one of the domestic good performance auto parts manufacturers.

2.管理原則:誠信負責 、創新迅速 、熱忱服務 、追求卓越、效率團隊

Corporate Principles :
1. Promote OBM high quality products.
2. Management principles : Be honest and take responsibility. Be innovative and efficient. Be conscientious and

    amiable. Be a part  of a high-efficacy team. Pursue excellence.
3. Designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing safe, comfortable stylish, practical and high quality auto  

    accessories for customers all around the world.